A Motto for the Golden Years: When life hands you a ticket, go for the ride!
Denoting something aged to exceptional quality, ‘vintage,’ rather than ‘senior’ might be the adjective of choice when describing The Eden Mills Tappers. Now twenty strong, the Tappers are determined to stamp out the negative of myths of aging, inspiring young and old alike to step outside their comfort zones and bask in the fullness of life.
Their motto? “When life hands you a ticket, go for the ride!” Their message? Find something that makes your heart sing, then just dive in and do it.
Most donned tap shoes for the first time in their 60’s or 70’s. “In my eulogy,” says Marcia Haworth, who has been with the group since its inception, “it’s going to say that she got her first pair of tap shoes for her 70th birthday. What an amazing experience it turned out to be. Just goes to prove that having fun keeps you young!”
“At 10,” says Elise Houghton, “I got a pair of tap shoes from my friend, but Mom said no to tap dancing! Young ladies took ballroom and got ready for proms, not the stage. At 68, I took my very first tap lesson and, ‘Hey Mom… I’m up on a stage!’ What a delightful
Like drumming, the rhythm of tap dancing actually changes the brain’s chemistry. It ups dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, all-natural, feel-good hormones. “Media stories abound on the dreadful health consequences of loneliness and inactivity in seniors,” Simpson says, “yet something as simple as tap dancing together can be a powerful health-promoting boost.”
September 17th and 24th, 2019 the Tappers will bring their bank of tap shoes to the Woolwich Seniors’ Centre for a free two-week Learn-to-Tap-Dance Workshop.

For registration and information phone 519-669-5044.