There are 7.5 million adults aged 65 and older in Canada. How is it that a group representing close to 20% of the country’s population can feel marginalized, isolated, and discarded? Cultural myths and misconceptions of aging have led older adults to buy into the expectation and acceptance of inevitable decline, yet scientific research shows this does not have to happen.

Society might pat us condescendingly on the shoulder and tell us to take it easy as we get older; however, research shows the exact opposite is needed. We must work harder to maintain physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness as we age. Most of us are willing to put effort into maintaining our wellness, but few of us know where to best invest our efforts and even fewer how to evaluate their success.

We need to celebrate our aging as a wonderful opportunity for growth and learning and to view the world through ‘wise eyes’. Only then can we collectively change the way society views and treats older adults. When we believe in ourselves, others will begin to believe in us. That’s how change happens, from the inside out.

-Jill Simpson

To change society’s negative perceptions of aging older adults must offer an alternative, modeling a new and positive way to grow old. Before we can change how society views and treats older adults, we must first understand our own beliefs about aging, where they come from and how, at least to some degree, we have embodied and embraced the negative stereotypes we grew up with.

Building on the success of its Ontario series, Rethinking Aging is opening its virtual workshops to Canadians from coast to coast. Join Healthy Aging Specialist, Jill Simpson, and fellow Canadians for a timely and important discussion about aging and how to do it better. This remarkable 10-week online workshop will forever change your perception of growing old.

NOTE: Public libraries, community centres, seniors’ associations, faith-based organizations, and public health clinics can offer the Rethinking Aging Workshop Series as part of their public programming for older adults.

Contact me for details: betterwithfitness.com