NOTE: Due to the pandemic, I am currently offering on-line classes only.

Fit Senior’s Workout

This lively, music-based fitness program is for older adults who wish not simply to maintain but actually improve overall fitness levels as they age. It’s a full-blown workout created specifically for 50+ bodies focusing on the most important types of exercise and training for aging well.

Developed by Senior’s Fitness and Healthy-Aging Specialist, Jill Simpson, the program is designed to improve cardiovascular capacity, strength, balance, coordination and the body-brain connection. Using a unique variety of exercise equipment and common household items, every class is a different workout to keep the brain engaged and alert.

To top it off, Jill will introduce some of the latest research in neuroscience and geriatrics and throw in a healthy dose of positive-aging tips. Participants learn from studies around the world how to best maintain physical and cognitive wellbeing throughout a lifetime.  Learn more about this program


About Fit Seniors’ Full Body Workout