Passionate about promoting healthy aging and educating older adults on how to maintain cognitive health, Jill specializes in developing innovative exercise and movement programs to assist older adults in maintaining and improving physical and cognitive wellness as they age. She has created a variety of programs for those with neurological challenges like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

Her technique simultaneously employs rhythm, movement, music, and exercise to enhance both physical and cognitive function.

In her workshops and speaking engagements, Jill educates older adults about the latest research in geriatrics and neuroscience stressing the importance of healthy lifestyle choices that prioritize physical and mental well-being.


Program Developer & Lead Instructor

Developed and launched a comprehensive program focused on enhancing cognitive function through physical movement and simultaneous cognitive challenge. Available as both live and video classes, each session includes a 5-minute Healthy Brain Tip where Jill delves into some of the latest scientific research into the aging brain and explains how to apply important findings to daily life to help participants age better. Integrating the latest research in neuroscience, geriatrics, and fitness, I have conducted close to 4000 live and virtual classes in which I test the most potent forms of exercise for cognitive stimulation. Engaging, educational and effective Fitness for Your Aging Brain is an essential component of any dementia prevention protocol.

* This program received Canadian federal government funding so it could be offered across Ontario for free to all older adults during the pandemic.

Creator & Workshop Facilitator

Created the Rethinking Aging Workshop Series funded jointly by the To Thrive Together Sustainable Living not-for-profit organization and the Government of Canada. The workshops were offered free to all 55+ residents of Ontario for one year to help create a healthy, positive mindset about aging. The workshops brought together older adults from across the province for an examination of their beliefs about aging offering a fresh new perspective on growing old.

* This program received a Canadian federal government grant so it could be made available to all those 50+ across Ontario for 2022-2023.

Program Designer & Instructor

Developed specialized dance and music-based movement programs for adults with physical and cognitive disabilities: Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. A second stream focused on adult participants with cognitive disabilities: Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other congenital conditions.


Program Developer & Instructor

Developed and launched community a wellness program featuring a variety of fitness, dance, and movement programs for older adults to educate them about the types of exercise that enhance their physical and cognitive ability to age well and maintain independence throughout a lifetime.

The program is offered both live and virtually.


  • Speaker – Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit 4.0 [Worldwide online summit, 2024]

  • Keynote Speaker – International Women’s Day [St Mary’s, ON, 2023]

  • Rethinking Aging Workshop Series was selected for Government of Canada funding to make
    the program available to all Ontario Seniors [2022 – 2023]

  • Fitness for Your Aging Brain was selected for funding from the Government of Canada to
    make Jill’s online classes available to all seniors in Ontario during pandemic lockdowns. [2022– 2023]

  • To Thrive Together Sustainable Living – Non-profit Organization – President/Executive
    Director [2019 – Present]

  • The Dignity Project – Keynote Speaker [Collin’s College, Dallas, Texas, 2018]

  • Columnist for ‘Embracing Change Magazine’ [Woolwich, ON 2018 – 2019]

  • Dancing with DisAbility – Guest City Hall Performance [Kitchener, ON, 2016]

  • Research Lead – Dignity and Vitality in Dementia Study [Kitchener, ON, 2015 – 2017]


A former dancer and choreographer, Jill became a professional fitness instructor in 2012 applying her intuitive understanding of movement and body awareness to launching a new concept of fitness programming for older adults. She focuses on the ability of physical movement to stimulate brain function in older adults and those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

  • Geriatric Certificate [MacMaster University]
  • Certified Seniors’ Fitness Instructor [Canfitpro]
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor [Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging]
  • Dancing with Parkinson’s Trained Instructor
  • Fundamental Movement Skills Coach [National Coaching Certification Program]
  • Certified BoneFit® Instructor [Osteoporosis Society of Canada]
  • Canadian Falls Prevention Program Trainee [University of Victoria]

Older adults are not invisible. We are not disposable. We are not a burden. We are the keepers of wisdom and of value to our last breath.


  • Cognitive Fitness Programming

  • Older Adult Fitness Specialist
  • Speciality Programming for Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
  • Neuroplasticity Training
  • Workshop Development and Facilitation
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Healthy Aging Educator
  • Dementia-friendly Environment Design
  • Community Engagement and Building